David Haliva has been developing visual identities for over fifteen years. As the creative founder of the popular Tel Aviv based cultural magazine “42 degrees”, which was acquired by Time Out Magazine, David has always had his finger on the pulse of current arts and entertainment trends (not to mention responsible for a few…)

The David Haliva Design Studio has had the privilege of working with some of the most notable cultural organizations in Israel (anyone looking to score tickets to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra..?) and stands proudly behind the branding efforts of many noteworthy prestigious organizations (you can check them out for yourself.)

Situated in the beautiful old city of Jaffa, our creative process has no boundaries. Among our projects you will also find internationally distributed culinary books telling the stories of Tel Aviv’s patisseries and taking foreign readers on a journey through Israel’s multi-cultural kitchens. These projects are our own studio projects, born from our love for different cultures, design and food.

We love what we do and we believe that everything we create helps spread that love.
We do that by embracing the people. Our clients. Your brands.

Where you see a brand, we saw the people first. An important part of our process is getting to know the people, the product, the company – inside and out. That’s the purest form of the brand, that’s where the creation begins. We make it a point to keep it personal. We believe in hands-on direct communications, and we’ve achieved that by remaining a lean boutique agency – we know all our clients by first name and all our clients know us. That’s important to us. It keeps things real. And it helps us make every brand the real deal.