“Modern antiquity: the design of the wonderfully elegant colonialist Arthur Hotel in Jerusalem.”

The exquisite 54-roomed Arthur Hotel, named after Lord Arthur Balfour, celebrates the utmost attention to detail in true colonialist fashion.

We were inspired by the local old-world elegance and set out to develop a unique visual identity that reflected a bygone era of luxury and structure.

We started by developing a hand-drawn typography in 3 languages (arabic, Hebrew & English), replicating the style of Jerusalem’s old street signage that is still prominent today in some of the city’s districts.

We were further inspired by the period’s textures, fabrics and patterns, which we replicated (with a twist) throughout all of the hotel’s  signage and collateral materials.

The hotel maintains an authentic air at every stop. The decor, as well as the photographs that adorn the walls, date back to the beginning of the 20th Century transporting the visitor to a haven of old world charm.

We worked closely with Leslie Adler and Danny Lipman, owners of the Atlas Hotel Group, Uri Kronkop, Head of Marketing as well as with Michael Hay and Martine Arev from Vision Hospitality,  Israel’s leading hotel advisory consultancy.

The process was very inspiring and ego-less as we were all guided by our collective desire to create something special.

13 Dorot Rishonim Street ; Jerusalem.

Photos by Natan Dvir