“Boutique Central’s secrets revealed in new cookbook”

Since established in 2004, Boutique Central had become an institution in Tel Aviv. With its Parisian chic and unrivaled assortment of pastries, brioches, chocolates and other delightful baked goods it has quickly grown into a boutique chain, with 8 branches in Tel Aviv. We have been fortunate to cultivate a deep relationship with Guri Kaplan and Ofer Gal, the owners in creating a long lasting brand that seems as relevant today as it did when the first clients were introduced to the boutique touch.

This relationship has culminated in our most recent joint effort:  Les Gateaux de la Boutique Central; a cookbook that brings the enchantment home, sharing 150 secret formulas for favorite Boutique Central treats, straight from chef Ofer Gal’s kitchen. The elegantly designed and mouth-watering 225-page cookbook will be available for purchase at all of the Boutique’s branches as well as online.