Midbar Winery

“Applying a modern touch on the desert”

Midbar (Desert in Hebrew) Wineries required a new brand narrative after having recently undergone an ownership change.
The winery, located in the Negev desert city of Arad (the grapes are grown in nearby Mitzpeh Ramon), specializes in an array of white wines.
While in many ways the wine is affected by the desert’s unique terroir, the brand strategy was to create a modern and light identity, more reflective of the nature of the product.

The selected logo was designed with a double meaning. It is also the letter “M” as an elegant signature and also a silhouette of the mountainous desert. Both the typography and color palette are modern, offsetting the rustic nature of the desert.
Furthermore, we designed a flexible and comprehensive visual identity that included wine labels, packaging. signage and collaterals.
The creative process was very rewarding and fertile as we worked with Itzik and Dana Wolf (Father & Daughter) as well as with brand strategist Eyal Yinor who crystalized the brand’s essence and positioning.